Is anybody here good with Blender? We need an Electroneum flag for Rocket League


If there is anyone here that is good with creating 3d objects to use in Steam workshop it would be nice if you could make an Electroneum flag for our cars in Rocket League.


I don’t think you need to model anything, you should be able to get away with simply re-texturing an existent flag which already works in Rocket league. Shouldn’t be too difficult, in theory.


That said, I’m not aware of the process they use for custom flags, so if you have more details regarding that, you’ll be more likely to get some assistance. (I might be able to help out, if I have the time. No guarantees.)


ROCKET LEAGUE!!! @thejahcoop


If you manage to get a flag for rocket league post it here @Aironeous I’m curious how it looks :grin:


Yes I’ll do that if I’m allowed. I haven’t played in sooo loooonng. I stopped playing when some guy on my own team got mad that I ran into him a few times by accident and he spent the rest of the match running into me the whole time repeatedly and at as highest speed he could.


people take that game way to serious. my co-worker will only play with me in free mode becasue I am not as good as him lol


I could be wrong, but doing some quick googling, I struggled to find any method of creating and using a custom flag in Rocket League.

This actually doesn’t surprise me, as such a feature would be a moderation nightmare; each flag would have to go through an approval process. Additionally, each game would require every participating player to download all custom flags each player is currently using.


Um. Let me open steam and show you all the flags and take some screenshots. There are many, many flags and for example there is a 9gag flag and I don’t think 9gag paid for it or made it.


That might be one of the Community Flags they released, which includes Discord and the like.

If you can figure out what the process is, if there is one, let me know!