iOS Update and Cloud Mining App


Hey everyone,

iOS is coming soon! Check out this fantastic new video with Richard Ells who demonstrates how cloud mining will work and the new exciting features to look forward to, like the new verification method, where you have to take a selfie whilst doing a gesture.

With cloud mining we can then be put onto the Apple Store, we hope to be on there in February, so keep an eye on the app store!


can we do it on our android or only with aple phone ? and what hapend for the last application ?


First iOS release, quickly after Android release. So yes, cloudmining can be used on Android as well :grin:


Great update :slight_smile:


Here’s a pic of the cloud miner that @xterest uploaded to twitter. I think the design looks much cleaner than the mobile miner. Looking forward to beta testing it next week!


It seems that every 24 hours you can click to button and have again 7 days period without internet… then you need again verify face i think…
The mobile miners can go up bcs people will not be kicked from servers… :wink:


Thanks for posting @Sabrina
Awesome as always from the CEO/Team


How many etns we get daily? On average.


My account is locked for kyc.
Can i use cloud mining?


How’s the progress so far ?


Any update will be fine about progress and beta testing :slight_smile:


soon, very soon :joy:


Now with basic miner we mine up to 4 etns per 24h.
so if we get fewer etns using cloud miner, it will be waste of time and failure.
however cloud mining can be done offline and it’s a positive point.


Yes depends on what happens to the price.


Is the reason to extend engagement?



Nice, we will find it in Apple app store soon then…
There si some roumers that the minimum payout has been increased from 10ETN to 100ETN, is this true?


That is correct yes.


Someone on telegram claims that the minimum payout per/day using cloud mining has increased from 10 ETN to 100 ETN. I am just checking if there is ant thruth in in it, checking facts.

Sounds unrealstic indeed, but if so it would indeed make the growth explode…