IOS test wallet!


I was an user among those users who could download and run the IOS version wallet of ETN through Testflight application!
In this my wallet, I don’t have more than 5 ETN and is only for testing on my cellphone, so my question is, if I wanna do KYC, where I can find the profile and KYC option? There is not any option for that in IOS wallets!
And if I wanna don’t KYC for this wallet, is ir t possible any problem will be happen for my main wallet (with seperate email and username)?


Looks like iOs doesn’t support etn app for this moment. Maybe in months…


Dear @Stefo
I have it now on my mobile!
You remembered the team gave some access to 10000 users to download and test IOS version, didn’t you?


KYC only can be done in wallet manager not in apps


So, I don’t need to do anything regarding my mobile app, only do KYC for my wallet on, right?


yeah , only done it in , click setting->profile


Thanks mate​:+1:t4::v:t3:
I did it


Youre welcome , glad to help you man


Great community
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Like you


Mmm no, me not… Don’t remember but i don’t think so…