IOS Mobile Miner and payments


I’m curious how the team will regulate the promised payment of $3 per month using the cloud miner. I am asking because according to my calculations i will only be earning about 140 ETN for the entire month of Feb since the start of running the IOS cloud miner app. 140 ETN at current spot price equates to 93c.

Bear in mind i am not upset, nor in need or dependent on this extra income, however i think it is important for the team to keep their promise of $3 per month.

A 5 or even 10% margin of error is acceptable, but I would like to see a response from the team how this will be handled and at what frequency the mining rewards will be adjusted in relation to exchange prices to keep the reward as close to $3 as posssible. Thanks!


There is no “promised” $3, its UP TO $3 per month Megacale. The team have done this on purpose as they have no control over the market and need to ensure the longevity of the mobile miner.

The team do, can and will adjust the release algorithm to meet business need. The goal of the mobile miner is to feed adoption through new user enticement and commercial incentives… the miner payout will be adjusted to achieve that goal.


I believe within time, what you accumulate now from mobile miner will surpass $3 worth if you hold.


Hello from a first poster,
With respect to the contributors to this thread, I must agree with Megacale and partly disagree with BegaMutex. If you take a look at Electroneum’s exhibitor description on the upcoming MWC Barcelona website, it clearly states: WE REWARD EVERY USER A FEW DOLLARS OF ETN EVERY MONTH.

2019 Exhibitors


Stand Location

Hall 7 Stand 7I90


Electroneum – Transforming Mobile Economies

Electroneum is the only cryptocurrency with a working, in-market, mobile-based payments solution, the world’s fastest and first KYC/AML compliant cryptocurrency which can transform your mobile economy.

Anyone with a smartphone can use our app to begin earning, storing, sending, receiving and transacting cryptocurrency – enabling the unbanked to enter the global, digital economy.

We reward every user a few dollars of ETN every month, which can be used to pay for their mobile data and airtime. Furthermore, for every user you onboard, you also receive ETN through our partner revenue share.

How many is a few?

Actually, no. While many people would agree that “a few” means three or more, the actual dictionary definition of “a few” is, “not many but more than one.” So, “a few” cannot be one, but it can be as low as two .

Perhaps this few dollar reference can be modified in time for the show? Does it really need to be?
The dictionary definition is from a Google search.


Semantics aside… that is the narrative the team have used since the miners release last year. Its up to $3 and the team will always reserve the right to adjust to meet the business need.

Good spot on the event text. Ill pass it on @28fda0c050c8455d22d3 . :+1:


Great, thanks for Bega. I do think the team needs a clear and concise explanation for rewards across all platforms and media releases, to ensure there is no confusion like mine in the future.