iOS Live & ETN Updates CEO's latest email message


If you go to the App Store and look at the end of the ratings you will see the number of downloads we have a total of 52 so far


Thank you @ETNCEO and the Team for the great updates! Wow, wow, wow! Im grope of words.


@ETNCEO - Will the 5ETN transfer hold fee be reviewed? Seems high. I had 4 ETN in my new iOS wallet (as all my ETN is elsewhere) and wanted to transfer 1 ETN to my sister as a demo (who I got to download the apple app) but couldn’t because of the 5ETN hold fee. :slight_smile:


You and your team “Are The One To Be Right Now”. 2018 was an incredible performance. Nothing worth while happens by chance or without being willing to pay the price. Don’t be surprised if I show up at your offices one day with a box of donuts.For now just know that you have feet on the ground in the USA.10959122_10202702952530080_253288568850088710_n Please express my thanks to your entire team.


107k active mobile miners and counting. Great news. =)


I see about 250 new users every our…


Hour,… i never learn .:slight_smile:


Great News!

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