IOS iPhone beta testers. / iPhone user, waiting room


I’m wondering how many people in this forum are using the apple beta app at the moment, also how many people here actually use iphones and don’t have the beta app yet?

thanks everyone… enjoy the app. :wink: spread the word. :slight_smile:

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When will the iOS etn app launch

If I’m right, a total of 10,000 places were open for the beta, I’m not sure about a second wave with 10k more positions.

I’m personally using it !


I must sitt in this waiting rom and wait and wait and OMG I am waiting for it to launch. I hope they not rushing the launch and wait to every little detail is perfect, it is after all an apple product so less than perfect is a disaster.


I have Beta App on Iphone. :grin:It is working, but it is without mobile miner.


I was fortunate enough to get in on the beta straight away. I’m loving it! I’ve had zero issues and have used to multiple times to send ETN out to other android wallets. Cant wait for the final release!


Was given beta access a bit after they launched it. Works very well for my needs and seems like a production version. Very polished.


iOS beta app tester👍

  • iPhone but no beta
  • iPhone and beta user

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I am a patient boy, ETN iPhone anthem. :slight_smile:


iPhone beta tester here :nerd_face: works beautifully.


IPhone User and Beta Tester. Silky Smooth!


I’m one of the lucky ones :pray:t6:


I have an iPhone and the beta tester. Want the mobile miner app (cloud miner) soon.



seems sometime soon rather than never. better…


Hope I can close the topic soon. :slight_smile:


Trying to wait patiently but it is very difficult. Soooooonnnnn!!! :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


From Blockfolio Signal

Another substantial landmark moment for Electroneum. After becoming the first KYC/AML compliant cryptocurrency at the end 2018, we start 2019 with a bang; our IOS Cloud Mining Beta is now live! Exclusively for Blockfolio users, we are offering 2000 lucky people the opportunity to gain early access!. Apply here:

-Chris Gorman


Looking forward to closing this topic. :slight_smile:


full release looks to be soon. :slight_smile:


Well the day has come. Full iOS out! :heart_eyes:

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Moonnnn :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk: 20 cha…