iOS ETN app launch status


This is adressed to the ETN staff.
Do you have an actual date when the iOS app will go live on the Appstore?
Richard actually stated that it will be launched in September, which is almost over.


Sadly there is no date announced yet and i agree the month is almost over hopefully they will still release it but i personally would just patiently wait who knows they are on the edge of releasing it and will tell us soon :thinking:


To be honest, we’re kept a bit in the dark on the status of the iOS app launch. Can we get at least an idea?


It seems that there won’t be any iOS app, as Apple still has issues accepting it. Rubbish…
Instead, we are talking about cloud mining, which will be available for Android as well.


How do you know they still reject it?


That is what I heard. They still treat it as a mining software, because their ‘‘geniuses’’ believe so.

1 day ago

The team is working on an iOS simulated mining method that complies with Apple’s new terms. They call it “cloud mining”


But that discussion happened quit a long time ago right? The solution and strategy to get it in the app store is the cloudmining solution. Which would require KYC. And this would be the requirement to get it accepted. So, maybe they are working on getting the cloudmining solution right and than release the app?


Don’t know what to say really. A beta tester said that we are still a few months away from this happening.


That’s why we’re kept in the dark. A bit of a offficial update-ish thingy would be appreciated I guess


They probably have nothing to say either. My guess is that all this is because they’re waiting Apple’s point of view regarding this subject. And Apple doesn’t give a rat’s ass for ETN, I suppose.


Well we can only hope @eFiJy that it will come as soon as possible hopefully apple will accept it so that people with IOS can also use it and else we all just switch to android i guess lol