iOS app now live


haaa kk my bad well it’ll just be a little wait :smiley:


It’s great to see :slight_smile: I called and told a couple friends and they couldn’t find it on the iOS store so I sent them the link :+1: its only 24 to 48hrs anyways not a big deal.


I’ve already been using the Beta Test release and can confirm that its outstanding! Seamless operation and zero problems with the mobile miner. Truly “set and forget”.

I’ve been buying all year, so its really awesome to see the important aspects of the project come to fruition.


Is only ios app live?
Or ios app and ios cloud miner both are live now?


iOS with cloud miner is live.

Cloud miner on Android is coming soon


hello! i installed the etn app from app store but when i try to login, after a setup my account my iphone gives me this message… what can i do? what;s the problem?


If you’ve created a new account, perhaps you should check your profile validation in settings on the electroneum site. Make sure you have Account Level 1. Don’t know if that will help, but it’s worth a try.


i have lvl 1 maybe i need to complete lvl 2?


Just been watching Richard Ells video about the new cloudmining iOS app. I seems that the only validation needed is a selfie via the app… So no need for lvl 1 or 2 :thinking:


yes, i understand that… but i cannot login in the app because that error 3090 at first…
i know how the cloud mining works… i read about that.
btw, my iphone is the second phone. i;m running etn app on my first phone wich is an android…samsung note 8 without problems since march 2018. on iphone i havea different user and pass


. Found this link about mining on more than one device. I think you can’t have 2 accounts with same name, perhaps that’s the case? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Btw, Couldn’t find anything about error 3090