Introducing our Library!


An Academy without a Library?! :thinking: NOT ANYMORE!

Today we are launching our Library!


Browse, search, and order in all sorts of ways our Catalogue to find what you are looking for…

Find local businesses in our Business Directory.

Submit articles and businesses through easy online forms there and then!

It’s all just a beginning—we have all sorts of plans going forward—but come on over and have a look!


Thanks for this - AWESOME work! Waiting too something from the team - they have in plans:


Community app is this forum, isn’t it?


They said Q3 and beyond, so they don’t need to finish all the goals in 2018, even if it says so.
Now the market has to show dedication towards ETN.
ETN team was almost spot on with every 2018 goal, and also for each and every problem that appeared.


Have already had more than a dozen online submissions! Thank you and keep them coming if/when your time allows… We’ll also be getting the word out there more later on in the week once we’re sure everything is flowing as well as they should be! :wink:


what a cool idea :slight_smile: - typing more to make 20 characters…


:pray::+1: - and I know exactly what you mean when you say typing more! :joy:



1️⃣ Added about 15 new items to the Catalogue (:pray: for any/all submissions)—inc. downloadables— as well as several new businesses to the Directory.

2️⃣ Fixed a small styling error on Map (in Business details). Have a :eyes:: Library


Really like the visuals of the website! In the map at the bottom it would be nice if you could sort out the stores that do not have world wide shipping. Or maybe from users perspective show the stores that have world wide shipping.


Thank you + thanks for the suggestion, too—this shouldn’t be too difficult to implement and so have put it on the “to add/improve” list! Right now the priority is to get a good number of business on there… Still, definitely noted! :+1::+1:


Awesome work @Peter_DIR keep up the good work! :blush::+1:


Cool. :+1: love I can come here and skim the vids for the latest and greatest content.


Thank you and it’s all about convenience indeed!! ; )