Introduce yourself, don't be shy!


welcome to ETN forum @Jackal :sunglasses:


Hi guys, I am Mzokhona from SouthAfrica, 38yrs, been an ETN believer and investor since November 2017 during ICO.

Looking forward to seeing Electroneum changing lives through financial inclusion in Africa and the rest of the world.

#Electroneum #MobileMining #InstantPayment #DevelopingWorld #MassAdoption #ETN #Crypto


Hi guys I am Ntembe from Cameroon, 25 years i believe etn will shuck the world. Keep up holding, we believe in this coin.


Good evening Ladies and Gents.
My name is Mthembo, I am from South Africa. I am 38yrs old, I believe in the vision of ETN, and i know that this coin is going to be huge in the future.


Hi I’m Julianna from Christchurch, New Zealand
Once a teacher of TaiChi, Salsa, Personal Development and wellbeing.

I’m new to crypto, got here by mistake when a friend showed me an xyo promotion video.

Electroneum is a good project, and definitely the future that Satoshi envisioned. And I love how the people of this forum help each other. It brings the best out.

You guys/girls are amazing, incredible, wonderful and absolutely lovely


We are glad you are here! :slight_smile:


hello guys, i am happy to be here for etn! my name is Nick from Georgia, i am one of the most stubborn supporter of etn from the beginning of the journey, i want to wish you all success and of course huge future of etn!!! love you etn team you are the best ty you for everything especially Mr.Richard Ells!!! <3


Hey Everyone :slight_smile:
I’m new here.
Not new to Electroneum but new to Forum.
Just joined right now.
So let me start with my Introduction :slight_smile:
My name is Zaynab Shah
I’m from Pakistan.
My Age is 22
Currently doing my Bachelor’s In English Literature.
I was a former Dj, Actress and an Anchor
Its been more than 3 years since I’ve left Media Industry.
Currently I be at home and yess I’m a Poetess too.
That was my introduction.
Now your turn guys.
Introduce yourself to me please.
So that I can get to know you guys too. :slight_smile:


Welcome. I’m from Los Angeles.


Hi Zaynab! Here’s a link to the Introduction thread; go ahead and post this there as well!


Welcome @ZaynabShah to our amazing community forum!


Welcome! If you have any questions feel free to ask! There are some very knowledgeable people here! The community thanks you for your support in electroneum! :blush:


Hello, Jon, Trondheim region, Norway. 38.
Run a little Firm on daily, hobby with the Stockmarket, and has found some goldtickets there with luck. Came into crypto trough PC hobby for many years, i have a mining facility with a friend, Sniffed at Btc in 2010, even had Btc, but due to children and time, i lost my hobby for some time, and the diskdrive, hehe. Returned with force when i woke up😊, my search deep down in different potential Coins led me to Electroneum, watched it, learned, and some weeks ago i saw that this can be it, its mature. I have real hopes for this. Hodl!


Welcome…Nice to have you here…


Alright people, I’m Jon, 30 from the county of Essex in England. Been holding ETN since January and topping up along the year, loving the positive vibes around the forum :+1:t4:


Welcome poetess. Time to write an ode to ETN . . .


Hi All, I started a post for free things that may help this community. Hopefully others have free things to share also and will post them in the below link. So far we have a free helpful book download and 10 etn giveaway (limited time only) and video to help with back, shoulder, neck, or arm pain. Also helps with RSI, tennis elbow, and OOS. All the best everyone and I hope some will contribute here. :smile: :


Hello my name is IGOR am apart of HostCrypto (Web Hosting LLC which is avaible to pay only with cryptocoins).
I started with Electroneum in 2017 September, i follow Richard and his staff everyday i spend some money in Electroneum, also i was mining with my rig before it became only ASICS. I hope in future ETN will jump like Monero and became a TOP COIN, because ETN deserve it.


Hello folks!
I’m Justin, electroneum enthusiast, and crypto fan. I believe in the tech, but I’m in it for the money :grin:

I am also holding some etn :money_mouth_face:


Hahaha, Thank you! I am glad my voice gave you the confidence to purchase more my friend! :grin: