Introduce yourself, don't be shy!


Hahahah yes I am trying!


Ontario here as well. Good to see a fellow Canadian!


Are you a beta tester for the API system?


my name is aizat from malaysia, electroneum to the mooooooooooooooooooooooooon


Hey Everyone. Great to be part of this. My name is John, age 57, living in new Zealand. Richard and his team are leading the way for the future with innovative and visionary ideas and the ETN community generally seem positive, passionate and HODLers:] Anything that can help our brothers and sisters in developing countries has got to be an awesome thing. To infinityand Beyond…:airplane::rocket::+1:


Hi there,
I am from Bulgaria, 32 years old. Realy liked the project and now i am here.
whn lmbo ? :grin:


Nice to see so many people :slight_smile:


Nicolas from Canada.
Glad to be part of the community.


I am Peter from the great state of Oregon here in the USA…Being older gets you smarter, and I can honestly say that ETN, WILL be the definitive currency of the future…


Hi! I’m Vincent from Switzerland :switzerland: Great to see this forum created! I believe in the potential of Electroneum, great project, I am really excited about developments with mobile phone. Really cool to be part of this community :+1: Shout out to the ETN team, keep up the good work!


Hello from Asia, glad to be taking part in this project and be given the opportunity to contribute.

All the best to everyone!



Great Idea! My Name is Julian, I am Canadian! I love ETN and have been involved right from the I.C.O. stage! Great to see so many people involved!


This community is soo positive! I’m glad I left the comment sections on YouTube to get away from all the people throwing hate at other peoples coins. I’m Chris and I’m from the East Coast of the United States I’m late 20’s and have been in the crypto space going on a year now and I can say without a doubt that I have never been soo EXCITED about a project in my life. I have 100% belief in Electroneum, Richard Ells, His Team and most importantly THIS COMMUNITY. I’m excited to be here :slight_smile:


Hello everybody!
My name is Raul, I am from Romania, and I’m 28.
I jumped into ETN a bit late, starting with May this year, but soon realised what a great project it will be.
This community is like no other, and hopefully we’ll all have something to cheer about in a year at most.
Good luck to us all!


Welcome here @Fugazi_Nagamoto - but be careful about Huricane that go towards YOU check more at WINDY… and please be at safe place we need you to promoting there or accepting our lovely coin ETN. image


Hello, I’m Chituga. 22 yo, Nigerian. Having no doubt that electroneum will achieve greatness. It’s brilliant to come up with what is really needed for mass adoption.
Don’t let the price fool you, keep buying and Hodling!!


I support you bro. Electroneum will change the negative tide in our financial system.


Its just going to miss me. I’m going to live for another day haha :] Glad to see some nice price action on ETN today too. Creeping up to 87 satoshis now


Figured I better introduce myself before I forget (again)!

Hi all, I’m Marshall, 29 (turning 30 next Friday!), and I live in Washington State, USA.

Started my post-grad in Computational Neuroscience, but developed a psychosis disorder that caused my life to practically burn around me. 100% disabled, but I’m not letting that stop me; I’m working on developing video games (using Unity, Hit me up if you’ve got questions!) that are centered around new and unique concepts, as opposed to rehashing what’s already out there.

Glad to be a part of the community!


Hi all good to see a place for everybody to come together. From the US myself feel free to just call me J.