Introduce yourself, don't be shy!


and don’t forget to check out the boring username club. :wink:


IELE is a variant of LLVM specialized to execute smart contracts on the blockchain…

cool :slight_smile:


he is way out in the woods… real nice guy… mat beren… :slight_smile:


Hello the Iele from Romania.
I Embrace you and your culture.

Im not talking about Digibyte here.
Im welcoming a nation -not a line of code.


Welcome to the community


Have a fantastic time here we welcome you all with open arms …

Enjoy your stay



Welcome @Dr_Jan_Itor!@Sergiu


The photo is like our traditional dance.
We hold one anothers hands and dance in circles wearing Kurdish outfit


I can’t introduce myself.
Coz I still wonder who I am.
I just know that this flesh and bone is not me.
I am a free soul, free of all human made knowledge
Free of everything
I have no name, no race, no gender, no country, no language no wish no hate nothing and nothing.
This body is my machine and I am the rider of this machine.
People only see my machine no one can see my true self