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Hi Guys My name is Jason. I’m an NLP Master practitioner and hypnotist. Richard mention a hypnotist could use etn hor virtual downloads in one of the AllaboutTech interviews. I already had a WordPress site running WooCommerce and PayPal. I integrated the ETN plugin in about 10 minutes same time it took me get PayPal working ! It was super easy. For a bit of fun I created a special offer if anyone wants to see the instant payment system in action.


I suppose it’s about time to I did the right thing and introduced myself. My name is Brent, I’m a born and bred New Zealander who lives in Sydney, Australia. I miss home because of my love for fishing, sailing, rugby…I have family in Aus as well. I joined Electroneum during ico, I love this project and look forward to seeing how many of you faithful people are rewarded for your patience. Most of all I want to see lives changed for the unbanked. ETN is going places so hodl hard and I will hopefully see you all on the beaches


Hello etn world:)

My name is Alex I’am 22. Coming from small but beautiful country Slovenia. Working in aviation company as a composite technician in R&D. Buying ETN since in crypto, all the time I can! :))
Love this community, there is no match to it!


Welcome guys! I haven’t been here for a quit long time but I can see there is still new people coming :slight_smile: ETN Community is HUGE


Hello folks, first time poster here. I live in the UK and have long been a lurker on here whilst doing lots and lots of research on Electroneum, I think that this coin is going places as I totally believe in the project, the fundamentals, and the team. I have taken the plunge today and have purchased a chunk of coins. Planning to hold until I can retire on my profits! Thanks.


Welcome to the community forum! :zap: Great to have another member to our community :+1: if you have any questions feel free to ask there are many knowledgeable people here! Many daily users conversate on this thread below I will add if you feel like stopping in to talk :+1: :wave:


Hello and welcome @Starscream (to the world of posting anyway)
Enjoy the ride.!


Hi David,

Here I am from the North West coast of the USA.

I Love crypto and HODL bags of ETN. I am waiting for mass adoption and watching the other cryptos try to do what ETN is doing.


Hi! My name is Robert and I have been interested in crypto currency since the banking crisis several years ago. The bonuses and salaries the ceos of the major banks is really an obscenity in my view, especially when we are having too pay them! I am hoping that that with the rise of crypto currencies like electroneum we ALL will be bankers across the globe, and those big banks will get their due desserts! I am from the UK in Coventry, but have lot to learn about this one web system, hopefully from this forum!


Hello and a Very warm welcome to Community Forum.
Have a look around Plenty of reading on everything imaginable!


Emmanuel, from Ghana


Akwaaba! I used to work in Ghana, great place and great people.


Wow welcome too,but then in my language it’s WOEZO Akwaaba is an Akan word and I’m an Ewè but we are all Ghanaian
Enjoying holiday even


Hi guys, I am Anas from Pakistan, i am 32 years old, I work as Contact Center Executive.
My story with Electroneum is from 23rd November 2017 of ICO!


We have some Anas in Ghana I Tell you He’s Undercover Journalist, very talented guess u have something better to offer us?

Do I heard you say your from Pakistan?
Hows Arif Alvi managing the economy?


Hey @KingCajun, how’s the flight training going?

I’m the opposite, a private pilot that will eventually add a drone permit. Just have to take that written…


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Hi, I’m Matt, "Old Latrobe"yrs in the northeastern US at the moment. Been with ETN since the relaunch after the ICO. Was looking up crypto projects and really liked what ETN was doing, and later did. While other projects were saying what the were going to do, eventually, ETN was getting things done. Rather than “someday” creating an app, they already had one.

Go into mining with a crappy old laptop, got hooked and upgraded to a slightly better system. Mined until the asics came back, although recently blew out the cobwebs and fired back up on etnocean.thorshammer. Was in the 2nd wave of mobile mining beta testers, still keeping that going. Otherwise squirreling up more ETN from weak hands.

Been observing this forum from the sidelines, but finally felt compelled join in.


Hello and a very warm welcome to you from Australia.!!


Well said my man may we all be wildly successful buying and HODL ETN!


Greg Ward here…they call me Rasta G! I am very honored to be a part of such a great community. I was inspired through all the positive work being done to create the ElectroneumUniverse dot com to be a central place to show my love for ETN and to give back to the community. out of that came the ETNmarketplace dot org, where folks can create their own shops like Amazon, and buy and sell in ETN. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Bright days ahead. Cheers everyone!