Introduce yourself, don't be shy!


Wow new people coming here again and again! This is G-R-E-A-T folks :slight_smile:

Since last time I was connected here I can see there is Mr Matthew Gray now here too! Glad to see you here man I enjoy your videos!


Hey great to be here,Christian Winson from ENGLAND. everybody don’t forget to use your referral program in mobile miner, it helps you and the referrer earn more ETN.
You are welcome to use mine.

Looks like ETN price will rise steeply once ios app hits app store.
Good job ETN team


Hi there :slight_smile: My name is Søren and I’m from Denmark. I’ve been a true beliver and mobile miner since early april this year.
I’ve been trading crypto since mid 2017. I have a small portfolio but my main investment is in ETN - and my main focus will remain there.


Hello to all my teammates! Name is John, im a 30 year old super nerd who lives in California, USA.


Ben Fidan. TÜRKIYE den katılıyorum. ETN uykularımı kaçırıyor


Hello, am Prince from Accra-Ghana and am so happy to be here.
i got to know of electroneum a couple of months but i couldn’t help myself but to get 1000ETN and completed my KYC.
Waiting for the good project to hit the world and am happy to be part of this wonderful community.

Peace and love


Hi, I’m Mesut. 31 years old, I’m from turkey. I met ETN through the mobile miner. I hope life gives me a chance


Ahhh…you must be “The Rachel” who answers support tickets! Nice to meet you!


Hello Julianna, thanks for using my referral code :slight_smile:


Hello Olly! I am Amy aka "CryptoNiffler ".
40yr old stay at home mother.
I got in on the ICO and after reading over the plan…and reading again…jumped into the crypto game feet first!
I’m a bit of a bargain hunter, and after some extensive research, I came to the conclusion ETN was waaaaay too good to pass up! So I cut my teeth on this lovely coin, and have been immersed since.



Hi, I’m Anthony, a 33 year old Media Producer/Elearning Course Designer at The University of Portsmouth’s Business School. I also run Portsmouth Punk Promotions, a company that books and promotes shows for international touring bands. I play in a punk rock band too. I’m an ICO investor and don’t think there’s an interview, article, social media post or video about Electroneum that haven’t read or watched. I truly believe in Electroneum’s vision and I’m active in helping other community members find the Info they need across all the platforms. All the best! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Chris from New Zealand. I have been in since the ICO and have held. Was saddened by all the negativity but had the attitude that it was a coordinated attack. I do roofing and tattooing in a small tourist town. I just posted on my fb page that we will be accepting ETN and for people to get mining if they want free tattoos.


Hey I‘m Mitch from Germany and in ETN science Dezember 17! I‘m loving the ride and the process we are making.
Looking forward for the future, the future is with us!


Hi, i’m Janis from germany. Nice to see such a large forum for ETN!


Hey everybody! I’m mako I’m 27. Im trying to collect as much ETN as possible to give to my kid for her hopefully successful future. I also work for the gas company in my area.


Hi! My name is Eetu and i’m 17 years old student from Finland. I hold big amount of ETN because i believe in it. I started reading about ETN at january and since that i have been reading about it every day. I believe it will be used in real life just like normal money some day and it will make many people happy in many ways :wink::money_mouth_face:


Hello everyone! It’s quite a while since I made my first appearance on this forum, but didn’t get the chance to introduce myself.
My name is Raul, I’m 28, coming from Romania.
I am working with computers even before I was able to stand up properly, so I am one of the guys who watched BTC in its infancy and thought: ‘‘Look, just another useless thing’’!
That was properly justified, wasn’t it? :smiley:

Don’t intend to make the same mistake with ETN!






Hi Rachel, i want to work too for Electroneum, as italian agent. Is it possible?