Introduce yourself, don't be shy!


I am Matthew Gray (99cents) living in Michigan, USA. Just turned 38 and have been with ETN since Oct 22nd, 2017.


Welcome to the forum sir! Great to see you on here!


Thanks man. I’m glad to see you to. I am having a blast collecting all these badges and learning how to use the forum to the Max


Also glad to see Mr. Electroneum in here


I am in England near Alton Towers :slightly_smiling_face:
Been invested since the ICO and stayed invested, as well as buy more ETN

Big things come to those who wait and i believe one day this project is going to go off like a rocket


I love Alton towers been going there since I was 14 , just realized that’s a lot of moons ago hahahhahaha.

Love Ashbourne my favourite place …


Hello Everyone,
My name is john and I live in Norfolk in the UK. I am a true believer in Electroneum and have been since the ICO. Long term Hodler. Keep bagging those coins !!


I am about 10 minutes from Ashbourne :slight_smile:


People call me Saint. 26 year old software engineer from Sweden. Make a living as a consultant within blockchain engineering or daytrading. Missed ICO but got in just two weeks after. Sometimes doubted the team’s technical abilities but never their vision. Loves dogs and has a secret crush on M-Kid, but don’t let him know.


Meu nome Γ© Thiago, 27 anos, moro no Rio de Janeiro - Brasil!
GoGoGo Hold!!


Hi, my name is Sergiu and I am from Romania. I invested in BTC and a few alts among which ETN also. I strongly believe in this project and I’m using the mining app since day 1. If you do not have and need a promo code, you could mine, DAA6BE to earn more ETN (both of us). Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi Sergiu I used your referal code as I didn’t have one
Cheers j


Michigander here as well!!


My name is Greg. 45 years old. Arizona, USA. Father of 4. Grandpa to 3. Been here since ICO. Been mining since the first hour. 2017 October 31st around 5 pm. :wink::yum:. Until Asic showed up and GPU mining is too small.

Electroneum stuck out to me above all others. Glad it’s Richard Ells at the helm. I now try to buy more every day from mining profits of other coins. Future looks bright! :sunglasses::star_struck::blush:


I am Ahmad living in kuwait (Middle East), 32, Are there friends here from my country? Would be very fun :wink:


GO BLUE! My whole family bleeds blue and gold except for my 13 year old. I think one day he will come around.


Idongesit Ezekiel, 23years,Lagos,Nigeria. Joined ETN on ICO.
Traded over 100,000ETN in last 6 month.
A lot ETN Believer and HODLer.


My son in named after the MAZE AND BLUE and he is a state fine, but he is only 6. I think he will understand in due time lol.




Been with ETN since the ICO, only just joined here though. Also from Michigan :grinning: