Introduce advertising on the ETN app

When you go into the ETN app, it could show an advert for 5 seconds first, that people can close or click on to see more about the product being advertised. I’m not totally sure if that’s the right way to go, but the eletroneum team could then offer advertising on the app, and they could say the advertising has to be paid for in etn. This creates a revenue stream for the electroneum team, and means people wanting to advertise have to buy etn to do it. With 100,000’s of app downloads there is a big reach there.

Awesome idea or add the pop up message - if you are satisfied with our app please don’t forget to rate us! A lot of app have this option. :slight_smile:


Super idea… in this way electroneum team can make revenue which can be futher utilise for rent,staff,bills,servers expense etc while keeping ico money safe


That is an excellent idea, especially now that ETN are trying to gain more users.


I like this idea, I’m not sure if it should show advertising right when you open the app. Many dislike excessive advertising in apps and sometimes don’t use apps altogether because of all the advertising.

I do think they could advertise by having small a link across the top or bottom of the app that doesn’t distract from app but is still advertising with a gateway to that site.

Also imo they should advertise their ips plugins this way also. Have a small tab for woo commerce plugin and the others, that way every user of app sees that woo commerce plugin download is available. They click it in app and it brings them directly to the plugin page. These ads could be small and not distract from app or usage. I do think this is a great idea that they could make a little money on.

This is kind of a visual of what I’m talking about

I also agree with @Mr.CryptoCZ having a pop up for rating the app. A lot of apps do have this.


I would never open the app if I thought an ad would pop up as soon as I open it…or at any time, for that matter.


I agree I find video ads very annoying and pop up ads. That’s why I suggested a bar because most who get irritated just ignore those ads. What’s your opinion on that?

It could be direct Etn advertising for ips plugin downloads or for shops already accepting Etn. Again just a small ad bar at top or bottom that wouldn’t take away from functionality.


maybe a feature where you can enter a zip code and see a list of vendors in the area…


I’m also someone who dislikes excessive ads on apps. Autoplaying video and sound for something I really couldn’t care less about anytime I try use the app, is a great way to get me to stop using the app.

Moreover, I actually think it would hurt the brand by it making it look like ETN can’t stand on it’s own name and product, so it has to rely on selling advertising for others. Think about it, the coinbase and uphold apps don’t sell advertising. Nice and polished, no distractions.

Just my .02 cents. I’m also somebody who has a dedicated mute button for the TV, not joking.


I’m also hoping that feature is added when the vendor database is released.


I do believe a vendor directory is coming eventually. What that will look like I’m not sure.

I mean no offense at all to your idea @ChrisETN2017. It is a good one, for the RIGHT company or content provider, just don’t think it’s a good fit for ETN at this time.

They have added another revenue stream with the release of the M1. The team is smart, I’m sure they’ll introduce more in the future. RE has specifically said in the past that they were not willing to sell user’s data/info for the time being. This usually goes hand in hand with banner ads as it tracks your search and browsing activity to target the ads shown.

However, I do agree with @Mr.CryptoCZ with having a pop up encouraging people to rate the app. That should instead help the image and branding of ETN by generating more reviews. (With postive reviews of course. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) Most of the time, they annoy me, but if it’s something I genuinely like, I’ll take the time to do it.


Yeah this is a great idea I wonder if ETN has a sounding off thread for stuff that should really have a chance of being viewed and determined if it goes to the next level!

That is a very good point you bring up ads usually come with giving up data info

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The other part of that is the paid advertising model in apps and for content providers is constantly changing.

In the early days of Googs AdSense, people could make decent money on click throughs from ads on sites. Every couple years, Googs changes the rules, and ultimately lowers the payout. My understanding now is that it’s so minimal, it’s not even worth it.
(I know of one person who could make a couple thousand USD on one click through to purchase on heavy equipment. Not even possible anymore.)

Googs did the same thing with youtube, they’ve slashed, content provider’s shares of revenue multiple times.

Amazon recently did the same with their affiliates. Bloggers and content providers who link product reviews to Amazon purchase links have noticed a huge drop in their payout %s.

Unfortunately, many people based their ENTIRE revenue model on these 3rd party services and some are really having a hard time now.

So, history has shown that these companies will keep or increase the level of advertising over time, while in turn decreasing the revenue shared with companies/ content providers. Is it really worth it?

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Exactly is it worth it… Probably not imo. I’d rather not see them go that route.

What do you think about direct links to Electroneum services? Either for the plugin downloads or for sites accepting Etn. This would be advertising still but more of promoting Electroneum services?


If you put ads on it. You have to have an opt in button. The adds would have to be relevant.

Probably best not to have ads.


I would definitely do that, anything that builds and promotes the ETN brand directly like that. Perhaps a separate “services” tab in the app, not just tucked away in “More.” I would prefer this over a banner ad or pop up, but maybe a gentle reminder is needed over time.

I would hope that sites accepting ETN for payment would be listed in a in-app vendor directory.

Perhaps a “news” feed or such when new vendors are added? Maybe a push notification? Nice thing with notifications is you can turn them off if you prefer.

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If i didn’t know better, I’d say you were a Brave user… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still waiting… lol


I agree a vendor directly or “services” tab would be the route to go in that aspect :+1:

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