Interview with Chris Gorman - Panel Discussion - Trailer


Hey Everyone,

Here is the trailer to the panel discussion we created. Full video will release out tomorrow (Monday).

Panel Members:
@xterest - Me
@AllAboutTech - Mick Ambrose
@SeanDavis - Crypto for the People
@chris.gorman - Director of Electroneum

Enjoy. Let us know what you think! :+1:


Looking forward to seeing it all.


Wow, this is just what we need at this time and space? Thanks guys, cannot wait for tomorrow, so I will start by throwing the sun with stones :slight_smile:


This teaser was such a tease I can’t wait to watch the whole thing! Great work everyone much appreciated!


Can’t wait for this video !! :))


Okay , the cat is out of the bag now.
It s already Monday in Australia.
When full version of video?
Thanks @xterest
Looking forward to it!


Will be good to see hopefully reassure active ETN community in these turbulent times.

Richard has indicated some things that are in the pipeline for latter parts of Q4 in 2018 and in Q1 of 2019 but since then there has been a virtual meltdown in the Crypto/Blockchain arena so well timed podcast to answer concerns, fears and worries that are directly ETN related.


It’s on my to do list tomorrow, Chris Gorman comes across really well, he seems a no nonsense sort of fellow. I think it will be a great watch, some of my favourite ETN Youtubers all in one place too!


Well timed, cannot wait for this. We all know Electroneum is destine for big things but its nice to have openness and reassurance from Chris et al. Is this the first interview Chris has done?


Yes it is, as far as I am aware of on Youtube.


Ooh…h …the plot definitely sounds like it is starting to “thicken”
We know that you know what we’re all dying to know.!
Im just a little envious but I’ll wait.