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Thank you for writing up your personal experiences with yoti that is great to hear from your side of things :+1: It’s awesome to see the progress in what you’re doing thank you for your contribution to the electroneum ecosystem :zap:Direct purchase of Electroneum from credit/debit card would be great I have a thread about it actually. I shall add you when you have it going keep in contact :+1: I also find Yoti is a great company that’s why I made this thread I love their ambition I keep this thread maintained so newest yoti advancements I post here :+1: I think Yoti is going to be doing many great things in the future that could be of great use for Electroneum. Thank you again for writing up your experiences I appreciate it :zap:


Short clip of yoti age verification in use

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We’re on a mission to be the world’s trusted identity platform. This means our products must be built with the highest levels of security,” explains Yoti Co-founder and CEO Robin Tombs.

This! :))