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Some nice updates coming soon, didn’t realize it was such a young company. I couldn’t do level 2 since I’ve got a U.S. state ID card and they’re about to fix that which is great.

From the article:

Recently, we completed work to check US driving licenses against the AAMVA (US DL database) and we will start accepting US State ID Cards before Christmas.

Happy to see that is being implemented, I can finally get verified for level 2 then.


I’m sure they are working close with Electroneum to resolve issues in a timely manor. Thank you for your patience! Can’t wait until kyc is behind us. Yoti is getting in on some cutting edge technology it will be great to see where their journey takes them! It may also open up some great opportunities for Electroneum !


I was admittedly pretty annoyed with Yoti, but that was a fantastic update. I agree KYC has been a pain indeed and I think one great with with them partnering with Electroneum is they learned A LOT about what they need to work with far more countries in regards to what forms of identification they need to accept as well as some new ways for people to get ID’s to them.

If you don’t mind @PrestoCrypto might share that blog post in a few of the main KYC post I think it’d be helpful as well as a stand alone post on Yoti updates since some may not take time to read the full articles.


Of course you can use it that’s what i put it here for! I agree Yoti is a hassling process as of now. At first try I didn’t link correctly and had to redu my Yoti.

But I am very confident they are currently working on solution. Kyc is huge for us. Very impactful. I’m glad we are running to the issue and dealing with it now. Imagine down the road when regulators enforce kyc, every other crypto is going to be like. I have to ky what? We are so far ahead of the game I’m glad they’re dealing with these issues now. I’m sure they will have an update for you soon! :zap:

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Thank you and oh yes I agree rather get the issues out of the way now long before mass adoption. I couldn’t imagine getting into it much farther down the road, that would be horrible with 10-50-100x more users. It’ll be a simple very streamline process soon.

Many don’t realize how important how impactful it will be to Electroneum following international regulations and doing KYC/AML. Long term the impact will be huge and you’re right the vast majority of cryptos are truly going to get blindsided in the next year or two not implementing it.

I think we’re going to see a huge drop in active cryptos which aren’t following international law. Privacy coins etc simply won’t mass adopt, no government body is going to allow it. Not to mention any large company won’t accept them due to the potential legal risk that come with it. They would be a huge liability for any business.

Electroneum is so much farther ahead of the game than people think, I am super excited to see where we go in 2019, I think it’s going to be a HUGE year for Electroneum.


I completely agree 100% it is going to be historic to watch it unfold !



Yoti is for sure a great company and partner when you need to outsource proper KYC/AML


I wonder if trilliant is the ATM Electroneum is working with from a interview with Richard not long ago where he said they’re going to have Electroneum ATM soon. Also funfair would be a great partner!

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Yoti now partners of safe face pledge as of today :+1: