Interesting Exchange for Electroneum - BITPANDA


Hi there,

I would like to introduce an interesting exchange for electroneum here. Perhaps some of us already know it. It is the bitpanda exchange based in my homeland in the city vienna.
Bitpanda works as well as electroneum with kyc, which means that after registration everyone has to verify. The biggest potential however i see in the payment methods and the diversity of the accepted currencies. On the platform you can deposit with visa, mastercard and bank transfer and the accept usd, eur, gpd and chf.
I think a listening on this exchange would be amazing.
What do you think?



I don’t see ETN’s exchange in here


ETN is not listed on this exchange now but it would be great when we get listed :wink:


Another great thing is that Bitpanda actually works on a mobile app.
That means you could buy etn via app when we get listed :heart_eyes:

What do you think @BegaMutex or someone from the team?


I have actually dealt with bitpanda recently and I think it is great, if we can get etn listed on there it would benefit everyone. Their KYC procedures are in form of a video chat to verify you are a “real person”.


The app is available now :heart_eyes: and i can buy and sell many cryptos with the app only!
The app itself is just succeeded and has all the features like the website.

I think a listing would be great for our future because of the many accepted currencies and payment methods and now it would be easy to buy and sell etn only with the smartphone!

@BegaMutex can you say is there any interest or not?


The next amazing thing is released!

Bitpanda Swap allows you to instantly swap one cryptocurrency for another