Integration with MoonPay for easier ETN purchase

Good morning all !

I think it would be interesting for the team to approach MoonPay in order to ensure the purchase of Electroneum more easily pending integration on Binance since this is based on a minimum daily volume. for the integration, the integration with MoonPay of the fact of the purchase simplified and of the fact of no longer having to go through other crypto before the purchase which can discourage more than one, moreover MoonPay could be integrated directly into AnyTask which would allow buyers to also promote the use of the application and the Electroneum market which subsequently due to the ease would offer more circulation of the currency and would therefore also facilitate the integration to Binance thereafter. If you agree with the idea, vote for the position so that it catches the eye of Electroneum representatives.

Have a lovely day everybody ! :fire:

It sounds like a easy integration, hope they can get that done


Please appreciate the idea, so that it is noticed by the leaders click on vote at the top of the page if you don’t mind :+1:t2:

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