Integrate ETN payment into vending machines

Integrating ETN payment into vending machines would create a great use case for ETN and be great marketing.

I was thinking the same thing the moment they demonstrated the automatic candy dispenser. I can’t imagine Electroneum is going to produce its own lineup of vending machines, but I’m sure entrepreneurs will provide the innovative effort for them.


Somewhere theres another topic relative to this also if you wanted to combine your ideas…

They demonstrated ot at the MWC.
We actually tested it …From the community here.

Yes it works.
This is only a snippet of whats to come.

If ETN could partner with a Japanese vending machine firm that would be phenomenal but I’m just FOMO moonwalkin here, ells gave out a hint on one of the MWC video’s, M system pointed out that there were some Japanese businessmen curious about the ETN project and M system is fluent in Japanese also has a good understanding of Japanese culture. Japan being the vending machine capital of the world, if ETN can penetrate that market it will be FOMO moonwalking on an epic scale

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Great idea and already happening now, go to 13:10 in this interview with Richard and you’ll hear they’re already in talks with vending machine companies now.

Oh yes there was a clue there :slight_smile: Yes I saw the vending machine they had at MWC. To be honest vending machines was an idea I e-mailed to the electroneum team some months but I thought I’d put it on here as well. I have a few random ideas and want to get them on the forum.

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Yes Japan seems like it would be a great market for it. Whether it would be easy to deliver something on a large scale there though is another question