Instant payment


When instant payment patent estimated approval date?
also will apply patency in another reg. office other than UK one?


Who knows when it’s gonna be approved. The white-collar workers will take as long as they want to :wink: People don’t like waiting. Do they.


The patent does not hold up release or use of the eIPS.

Unsure on coverage, i assume the team have this in hand…they had one of the best (if not THE best) legal firms helping them.


So many other instant payments patents being approved right now. I hope ETN doesn’t lose their patent because of this.


there was a youtube video iasued yesterday concerning this point.and said that patent is concerned with tiny issues in the patent application.and that other patent like square and others will not affect etn

we wish that


Loads of companies seem to have gotten wind of it and are copying ETN. ETN file the patent and all of a sudden there is a flood of instant payment patents being filed :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Hope we done get swindled out if this amazing thing.


Do you have an example of one that has been approved? Or are they only patent pending same as the status of etn? Thanks