Instant payment works great

Just tested instant payment here in the USA. The transaction literally took less than 1 second.

ETN is truly the best crypto out there and is going to be a force in the crypto space i cant wait.

Confirm… On top, here we come


can you make a video?


Where did you test it?

wow man I cant wait for ETN to get mass adopted and instead of looking at the charts every day and seeing the price go down it will be the complete reverse…ETN will be a top 10 coin in less then a year mark my words…dave ….Australia ……

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Michigan, USA @benjaminoo

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Cant right now but i assure you that it is the fastest crypto in the world hands down!!! @thejahcoop

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here is a link. To working instant payment.


After you confirm and send the payment, if you hit the bell icon button in the wallet section the instant payment notification shows up in the notification screen as fast as you hit the refresh button in the wallet notification screen.

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