Instant payment working on Android


#warning# contains excited swearing.

So, can I claim this as the first solo (beta tester) successful integration? :grin:


This is aweomse, great job! Love the energy! :smiley:


BOOM! Huge accomplishment and more than honored to be a part of it to help! Well done bud!


WOOOHOOOO!!! Fuel that rocket baby! :rocket::scream::partying_face::joy:


Absolut amazing :slight_smile: looks pretty cool. It really doesn’t get much faster if I pay at the cash register with my card, does it? :sunny:


Here’s a second video showing both sides of the transaction, along with some tweaks.


Excellent excellent excellent and a kiwi lol even more excellent


Your like a new man in this second video :rofl: awesome work thanks for sharing :+1:


awesome awesome awesome!


is that Steves dairy near the mount?


@SteveElliott is a HERO. Big thanks to YOU!


Awesome work @SteveElliott! I truly respect your programming skills for getting all that functionality into the app in a day or two!


Which mount ?

“Steve’s Dairy” is just a place holder name that I’m using to test my pos system, I can change it to almost anything within seconds.
The idea is to complete a windows version and an install package, then sell the entire working pos system to retailers


Appreciated, Thanks for Sharing