Instant Payment Using WooCommerce


Hi folks,

Our first Instant Payment video using our WooCommerce plug in has been posted.

Electroneum101 has made a video showing him buying ETN merchandise:

He’s using the WooCommerce plug in he created – so exciting to see it live.

Do you know any other stores who have integrated our WooCommerce plug-in? Tell us…


Electroneum is electrified with lightening speed. Awesome


ETN is just fantastic! :slight_smile:


Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!


looked like the payment was received before it was sent. lol!! lightning fast


Amazing work thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Nice work @Jade_O and these videos are nice to see that Electroneum is being build further everywhere and it’s indeed super fast :blush:


Thanks for posting here too and @benjaminoo thanks for your SHOP + VIDEO :slight_smile: