Instant Payment Notifications


I just did a payment from one electroneum wallet to another and on the wallet receiving the payment a notification appeared displaying that the payment was on the way. This is awesome! Great work ETN team, the project is really coming along. They have nothing but my full support.


agree 100 percent! They are clocking up the milestones


:heart_eyes: love the apps user interface too. It’s quite smooth


Hi. I also made a transfer from one wallet to another and I have a red X. It says retrying. The X is near the ‘‘Transfer submitted to the blockchain’’ line. This is my second transfer, the first one suceeded. The amount of the first transfer was a fifth of the second one. Could this be a problem, that the second transfer’s amount was too high?


it won’t be because of the amount you are transferring. Did you submit the transfers at the same time?


No, at 5 minutes difference or so.
But they were sent to the same wallet.


Just to clarify these are the current mobile app updates.

So far we have migrated and got a faster wallet refresh ability, but the actual Instant Payment has yet to come it seems.


I have experienced the same notifications.

When sending ETN from one app to another, I got this notification on the sending app:

The receiving app didn’t give me a push notification, but when refreshing it a few seconds after sending, it got this notification:

I suspect that it’s not fully working yet since the system is still in beta, and the vendor integration hasn’t launched yet (from what I can tell). But at least this is what it could look like.

I’m loving the speed of the notifications after the app update. It’s starting to look more and more like instant payments!


But my first transaction was made and in half an hour I had the transferred amount to my wallet.
Here are some screenshots with the problem. I didn’t put any screenshots with the working transaction, as it is the same as for others.



Any info on this?


how did you go, have u figured it out?


Still have my fingers crossed. I provided them with the email address and phone number, right now I am awaiting their answer.