Instant payment failed transaction


Hello. Last night I did 2 transactions from two different wallets to the same third wallet.
The first one finished in half an hour or so, but the second one has given me some headaches, as you can see below. The amount is not returned to my wallet, so that I could try resending it, in fact it is hanging around in the air somewhere.
Has anyone come across this issue since the instant payment was implemented?
I did this so that I can have all my friends’ and my ETN in the same wallet.
It will be easier for us.
I would also want to get verified, but until this amount is sent, I won’t start the verification procedures.


If you are still having issues today after yesterdays update, you will need to submit a ticket here


Yes, I opened a ticket yesterday. Hopefully they respond in time.


After opening another ticket today, the problem was solved in a matter of minutes.


But still some people get this error. We need to give info that is not possible to send over 90% of the funds from the wallet or repair this, to do not need to raise a support ticket and same thing with error code 16… this error is when you try to send more transaction in short time…


They will solve all these issues at one point. This is my guess. But meanwhile, we need to bring more and more people into ETN. HitBTC is a good start, as I already see a $26.000 volume.
Although I still don’t understand why they are requesting 1000 ETN as a withdrawal fee.


Its their deal to raise a listing fee like Binance takes 1-2 millions of USD and fee for withdrawal… Yep but its too much. But this exchange is for whales… the rest will use Kucoin, Liquid or Cryptopia :wink:


Hopefully we will see a huge volume, like we saw on that stupid Ravencoin, over $100 million.