Instant Payment eCommerce Plugin Bounty Program


Hi All!

We are going to open an instant payment API Bounty Program.

There have been a couple of plugins developed already and we WILL be backdating this bounty to ensure they receive their bounty for the work they’ve done.

We are going to start the bounty program at $500 USD worth of ETN per plugin developed and see what we can get written, and if that is a suitable fee. It does differ considerably from platform to platform, so some will be easier than others.

Developers will be expected to work with the community and debug up to the point of stable release.

WooCmmerce - Completed

Magento - in development

Opencart - in development

Not sure of feasibility - investigate and create (if possible) an Addon that allows easy integration of Electroneum Instant Payment API - REQUIRED
Accept 3rd Party Payment Plugins (already have some crypto - but nothing instant)
Reasonably well documented and good community

Omnipay - REQUIRED



More to follow! If you have any experience creating gateways, please take a look at the WooCommerce completed gateway (in the woocommerce plugins )

Our developers will help with integration questions and you’ll find the full API integration instructions here:

We are open to suggestions for other integrations - feel free to comment.

Where we can’t find community members to create these plugins we will go out to the market and outsource their development.

Have a great weekend,


ETN Plugins: Accept ETN As Payment
Magento 2 Payment Integration Demo
To someone who is generous enough

Would be great if the team could reach out to Etsy for integration. It’s a huge platform full of entrepreneurs selling home made goods



This is a great idea and should speed up the process, get coding people :slight_smile:



Looking into WIX…

Their development documentation mentions the following, meaning any back-end code for the app will need to be run from a private server?? I do not have the resources to host this.

Back-End Development

You’ll host your app on your own servers, so there are no technical limitations for back end development. You can build the back end using any programing language: Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, C#, etc.



This is great! Thanks for putting this together!

I’ve contacted Wix and suggested Electroneum as a payment gateway. But got a standard reply giving their current payment providers, and that they’re constantly working to integrate new platforms.

Anyone else had any better luck with Wix?

@ETNCEO, did you have any luck applying to Shopify again?



Looking into wix documentation,
a backend service call to an external https server can be made.

Payment details including the vendors api key can be passed via this method keeping it secure. The payment is then processed via a custom built gateway & a response sent back to wix.

My thoughts are would the etn api server be happy with many different api requests coming from the same server?

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Hi Richard, am assuming this means that @benjaminoo will also get rewarded for his excellent work in terms of the WooCommerce plugin? It would be very well deserved: We’ve integrated the plugin—with some minor modifications—over at Electroneum Academy just recently and it was a breeze!



I make some promo at Twitter so maybe we find someone who can help us. If not we need to make bigger reward or outsource to some IT company… If you want to help - it cost nothing - just retweet this tweet - maybe it help :wink: because you dont know who watch your twitter page… maybe some talented IT expert…Right now i checked my new follower list and maybe they are comming if you use some hastag from their work… image

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Of course! I’m mean and tight fisted… but not THAT mean or THAT tight fisted :grinning:



Well, that escalated quickly :rofl:



Prestashop is now available! Its an early version so if you are able to test it in your Prestashop please do an report any issues in the forums of


Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

Well done! I tried working with prestashop but it was a true nightmare lol



Great work it is really coming together! :+1: keep us updated with progress! Have you had many downloads on your plugins?



We all love you and applaud to you for your work I am sharing at my Twitter. To give you big thanks for all hard work and keep up the great work. :slight_smile:



Truely epic work!!! :slight_smile: #MindBlown



@cnorin you’re an asset to this community! Keep up the brilliant work!