Instant Payment BETA on Shopify?

I might be out on deep waters trying to get ETN Instant Payments integrated on an Shopify Store. Can anyone tell me how it can be done? I have yet to find any ways to get access to the HTMLand Java files from within the Shopify platform.
Do we need to create a Plugin or widget first?

Shopify offers a hosted gateway SDK and a well documented process:

There is a small snag! I applied to get access to the Hosted Payment SDK using this link:

…and been rejected (I applied in March).

This does not stop other people making a request - and I would encourage people to make those requests. If they realise there is demand, I’m sure we can get an integration going.

Meanwhile, I’ll get one of our business dev guys to try and reach out via linkedin and gain access via the backchannels.

Have a great day, I hope we can get you sorted.

PS - We are also going to start an “integration bounty” that rewards users for creating ETN plugins for some of the major ecommerce software platforms.


Thanks a lot Richard, I’ll look into it straight away.


That’s Awesome @ETNCEO hopefully shopify Will see the demand for ETN So that more shopify shops can integrate it in :open_mouth: There are a lot of people with shopify stores ill Tell people i know that got one to see if they can ask for an electroneum integration :+1:

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Sounds very promising!


i am personally waiting for this to happen to integrate it into my shopify store!


Same here! and i know tons of other shopify owners who would love to take etn! Is there a way we can make a petition for shopify to show interest or do you think that would be more bothersome? Will Help any way possible :slight_smile:

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I know there is an app that accepts bitcoin, can’t remember the name of it- etn needs to be next woop!

I think the community should try to organize around this. To demand a ETN instant Payment option in Shopify. I remember when there was none for Klarna payment in Sweden in 2013. Then Shopify saw the demand and got in contact with Klarna them-self to get it going.

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@MehdiCrypto @ETNCEO Problem solved :slight_smile: You asked for Shopify, I give you Shopify! Now I need your help!


I just made a request to Shopify after seeing the hard work of @mehmeh.
Please reward this legend with an Integration Bounty!


With my app, there is no need to make any requests for the hosted payment sdk. It works around the traditional shopify payment method system with some other functionalities provided by the shopify API. An approval for the hosted payment sdk would be great though (I’ve heard approvals are hard to come by), probably a better user experience than my app. As for the integration bounty, I’ll happily take it, but only once I’ve completely finished the app, I still have some work ahead of me :slightly_smiling_face: