Instant Pay Integration

Hello, do we need to create a separate business account for our online shop, or should we use our personal ETN account? Is it allowed to have a second ETN account to separate business from personal transactions?

Thanks for your response however, this does not quite answer our question. Our question is, how do we keep the business transactions separated apart from our personal accountt with Electroneum? this is for tax purposes. Should we create a separate ETN wallet in order to achieve this? Thanks for your help

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There is no business/personal separation right now Vitos. So one account.

The team haven’t publicly discussed having business accounts as of yet, so not sure its on their timeline… but it certainly would be a good idea.


You can create several Outlets in - and you can filter all transactions per date and Outlet and Export to several formats (for easy accounting):

So you have all tools to take care of Taxes easily already! Hope that helps!


Thanks for letting me know!

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Thanks for the information, this was very helpful!

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