Instant coffee purchase with BTC

Anyone consider this a threat to ETN? Or maybe even an opportunity?

I don’t know is lighting network offering partner incentives of up to $1 per onboarded customer per month and also giving users up to $3 per month to spend or hold?

Is it easy to integrate with POS and ePOS and website ecommerce plugins, does it have a simple API?

Are the fees zero or almost non existent?

At any rate, people are going to have to come to terms with the fact that there are some decent projects out there that will gain some traction and may obtain some sort of adoption and use. It’s not a bad thing. Competition is good, ETN can thrive alongside other cryptos and payment solutions.

Just like Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, Paypal, Venmo, Square, Credit cards, Store credit cards, Debit cards, store discount cards, ect all thrive competing in the same markets. Plus Visa and MC, AMEX all have hundreds of issuing banks and unique card offerings and yet they all co-exist and manage to entice multiple users in the thousands to use their financial products.

Can ETN’s target market of the unbanked obtain Bitcoin any easier than they can ETN? Oh wait, nope, all they have to do is install the ETN app and they have 25 ETN just for completing registration and then are cloud mining in minutes to add to that. And soon the gig economy site that allows them to earn more ETN, not bitcoin. They have to obtain bitcoin via an exchange or by someone sending them some in exchange for w/e.

So is it a threat? Nope. Just another option that some people might make use of at some point along with other options including ETN.

Last I knew lightning network was still a bit buggy.


This kind of thing has been available for BTC for a very long time… they come and go as its not commercial standard. As said above, its also not backed by the biggest crypto airdrop in history.

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