Influential early ETN youtubers nowhere to be seen anymore?


These guys were big ETN youtubers in their own right but theve gone quiet or left , anyone know ?

1.The Engineer
2.Mr Ballah
3.Queen Wiki
4.Gabe Hogan
5.P2P Crypto
6.Super Bowl Dave

Special shout out to Youtuber Cryptocurrency1607, this guy was like the Mick Ambrose of ETN back in 2017 during the ico and following months in 2017 , then he just dissapeared he had the most sound and level headed reviews , anyone know where hes gone ? Heres one of his vids

on a personal note this was the first vid i saw on ETN that got me interested
This video 1yr ago was the first vid i saw on ETN by Linsay Moore


The engine3r is back actually. c-c


They dump their coins… Thats why they dont have a reason left.


So glad you brought up Cryptocurrency1607. He was the reason I invested in ETN. He was a very insightful guy and have been wondering about him. Hope he’s doing well. He just randomly dissappeared.



Yes! I was just thinking about this the other day, I know mr bhalla removed all his etn videos and is now changed his channel to e-commerce i think? P2P is still on twitter! I hope he comes back.
He seemed to stop making videos after the titanium fiasco.

Also- cryptocurrency 1607 was a great channel! so positive. I commented on one of his latest videos but havent heard.

Queen wiki is back i think she came out with some recent material


Queen Wiki is still around. She posted a few weeks ago

I was giving her a hard time in the comments section because she had 65 tabs open!..