Indian Supreme Court Gives Government 4 Weeks to Produce Crypto Regulation -



Well at least there seems to be some progress for India.
Great stuff!



Maybe Electroneum can reach out to Indian officials in an advisory capacity to explain how they have implemented KYC/AML.

Also if India is looking at additional regulations then through discussions offer possible ways of achieving them.

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I saw an interesting tweet from these guys the other day.@ENTMan
Theres a huge pitch from exchanges Im aware of.

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ETN is made fore India, and we have some indian people in the forum if i remember correct. So much to say about India, but remember mobile streems…we are so ready to captur hole India and create Electrindia

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The crypto hearing that was to be heard in 4 weeks, I really doubt that it will ever take place now.(might be months)
Considering the events currently happening on ground, I think the gov might be too damn busy with other stuff.

I’m really just guessing, don’t know what will happen.
( Not FUDDing around)

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You’re probably correct there.
Going by the SEC if thats any indication.
Should be a global priority.

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Brilliant good to see some action taking place.

Well done for finding the article Pahini.

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I know theres an SEC meeting today.
Its a closed meeting and I cant find the subject matter.
Seems ridiculous how long this has taken but Im sure long term its in the best interests of everyone.


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I live in one of the 4 cities.
I’ll try to make it to the gathering ie. if they allow people below 18.@Pahini

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Sounds like a good opportunity.
Meet the like minded.



I’ve barely talked crypto with anyone other than my dad.
Time for people to know that crypto has no age limit and that even a teen can be a crypto nerd in India.



They had one in paris last month.
Sounded pretty awesome.

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Kids here are lacking the incentive about blockchain.Most really don’t care.
They have a reason for not really thinking about it.
Everybody’s about Insta , Facebook etc and other dumb stuff.
So i really don’t get too damn well along with my friends.

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Friends is about common ground, if they do not like crypto, enjoy them and don’t care about crypto when enjoying their friendship. Friendship is more than a the money.