Incentive to Use ETN


So we are all aware of the many reasons to except ETN as a payment but what’s the incentive for those who use credit or debit cards? I can only see the vendor offering an incentive right now but only if they’ll save a substantial amount of money by accepting it. I see why the unbanked is a target due to the lack of mobile currency. I feel that in order for this to be huge, the rest of the world is going on need a good reason to switch over to ETN.



Visa doesn’t give you discounts when paying your mobile service provider. While the banked middle class isn’t the priority target, not many people will say no to saving a bit of money each payment, even if it’s a small amount. There is also an advantage when transferring money across countries with ETN over conventional methods like an E-Transfer. For example, I recently sent an E-Transfer which got flagged by my bank, and then I had to spend time on the phone with them proving that I’m actually me, and I approve of the E-Transfer. Instead, one can move large sums of ETN around with zero hassle.
I’m sure there’s more reasons beyond those.
Hope that helps.