In the year 2025


I just tried to send 15,000 ETN but the app says I need to upgrade to level 3 KYC to send that much in a 3 month period. :wink:


its working then lol , i done level 3 for this exact reason .


15,000 ETN is about £90 right? You don’t need KYC 3 for £90. Am I missing something…unless you’ve been shifting a lot about that is…


Hehehehe…There lies the key. £90 today. In 2025 it may be more thn £15000!


Yeah thankfully the lockout didn’t happen on the 27th and I got my ETN out :wink: lol


I didn’t read the post correctly with regards to the fact that we are in the future here. Wow! I cannot believe how shiny and fresh the future is!