In reference to ETN, food for thought

Interesting article about one individual company out of many, in the market Electroneum is entering.

My antivirus blocked that link due to a HTML script… could be a false positive but just letting you know.

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Yes, I read it. no mention of ETN in the article. :rage:

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Yes it is about another company that is an old dinosaur in the market electroneum is entering. There are a few main points that jump out and are meaningful for Electroneum

  1. The 2 trillion $$$ in payment transactions they alone handled in a quarter. (They are only one of many providers in this market) what if ELECTRONEUM were to match their market share, or even get a meaningful percentage of it.

  2. It mentions the class action merchant lawsuit- merchants don’t particularly like the way the company handles a few things- provides an opportunity for someone with better terms and processes… i.e. ELECTRONEUM

  3. Mention of a glitch that effected their services- this is a major player with lots of experience and their centralized system still has issues

No issues here with the link.

Don’t put this in every topic :wink:

Hey mate, deleted my comments here as I figured out how to make a new topic. Sorry about that :blush:

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