In game api for mmo

Are we working on any ingame system written in python or c#? Well it doesnt have to be those exact languages. I just wanted to know if this will be in the works or you are developing now?

@msystem any ideas… cheers for any help

I am not aware of any in game systems being worked on at the moment as there are more pressing matters related to the MWC, Blockchain Upgrades, Gig Economy, Remittance System, Ongoing Partnership negotiations along with several more.

The team had been very transparent as to what they are currently dealing with, also you can follow along the road map. Obviously the cloud mining for both iOS and Android was very important and just delivered. MWC and all the prep that comes along is on the front burner at the moment we are only days away from the main event.

I hope this helps


Is that any help @9cc0d8a64a6009b29429

Thanks for the help @MSystem :+1:

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I hope that this can be put into the basket. I know you are working hard to make electroneum the worlds crypto. As things move along, I hope this will become one of the priorities. I will work with what we have available, for now. I have already started to research how I can do this. I was hoping that I could find something already in progress. Just to make things easier on me.

Thank you for getting back to me quick.

Do we have anywhere I can submit to the team what I make. For further development by the team. So to make it easier for others to do.