In-App Purchase of ETN!

Run or partner with a mining farm to manage supply. The mining farm would also serve as a price buffer since you won’t be dumping for ROI. Instead you’ll be supplying the (hopefully) increasing demand.


The time has come my friend. :slight_smile:


I was about to submit the same request.
If the ETN developers want this currency to become more widely used, they need to make it easier to purchase. Mining is fine, but I’m getting about 10 cents for every “reward” I think, so I’d really prefer to just buy $50 USD of ETN.
I refuse to use the exchanges any more which are terribly designed and insecure and more importantly a hassle.
ETN won’t be heavily used until it reduces the usability hurdles around actively purchasing ETN so that it can be used later.
I should be able to transfer USD into my ETN wallet and then convert them to ETN and vice-versa.
I’m sure this won’t be easy, but it is necessary.

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the paycent app will do this. etn will be added soon. icon is already there.