In app anytask integration

Idk if Electroneum has any plans to integrate anytask into the app, that would be really cool tho.

I think its more likely that AnyTask will have its own app rather than integration into the Electroneum app. There is already some links, as you can access/login via the “More” tab.


Instead of using the same app for anytask I would like to see a completely different app for anytask, I am sure many of us will agree with me


A dedicated AnyTask app will be the best and I am sure there are plans for it in the near future. Apps are more easily accessible in terms of mobile UX/UI than mobile websites and apps are relatively faster since they are often based on native technologies of the phones instead of a WebView of the browser.

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I was wondering if anytask would release an app, but I guess there’s no point if the website is built for phones…

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