Improvements To This Forum


To be clear, I think most of us can agree that this forum has been set up extremely well.

I did not see a Topic about the forum itself though, so if anyone does have any ideas for improvement, feel free to post them below!


I agree @Nicolas So far the forum is great i don’t really got any ideas at the moment Else ill post them here in the future :wink:


I can’t login to this website on my Linux laptop while tethered to my phone. I’ve tried both FF and Chrome. It sends me to my wallet instead.


One idea I’ve had is the ability to “tip” a forum member an amount of ETN for given post, in addition to the current “like” system.


That could be a Nice idea for the forum @Satsukeshi because sometimes the help of fellow community members is really helpfull and would be Nice to give them something back then for their help :+1:


Exactly my thinking!


yes… it will redirect you first to the wallet.
you need to log in first to your wallet then do not close the tab and open a new one for electroneum forum.


dark theme oh please a dark theme…

Coinbase and cryptopay

Oh no, not a dark theme! Maybe have both, like on exchanges.


yeah like a switch on the preferences page…



Yes, that’s more like it.


The Etnbot said there was one in the preference page but he lied to us :unamused: hopefully the ETN team will put it in soon i would like a dark theme also i like the forum a lot but the white burns my eyes :star_struck:


Topic Voting

It appears that the process for upvoting a topic is as follows:

  1. Click on the “Limit” button
  2. Get a 403 error, click “OK”, then click on “Limit” again
  3. Go to your list of votes and remove one
  4. Go back to the topic you want to vote on, and clicking “Vote” again

Did I just miss something or is this what everyone is doing?
If it is, it would be great to have a smoother experience - there are consistently new topics made I’d like to show my support for.


I’ve been running into an issue where replying to a specific post doesn’t always reply to that post, sometimes it replies to the topic it’self.


same issue… sometimes when you want to directly reply to the post but get directed to the topic instead… i think this happen when the connection is frail


Nah, it’s not a connectivity issue (I’ve got a really good connection)