Importing the Blockchain to Electroneum CLI


may i request a copy of the 28gb+ file please ?


A lot of work to be done there, constant incoming blocks and all will be a pain to keep that data updated, would mostly encourage everyone to at least adapt to importing that official raw blockchain and using --verify 0, makes it quit faster.

Though awesome work!


In principle I agree, but I believe the export height of the official is only 200000

Btw, do you know the height of this official export ?

When the official blockchain.raw has height 350000 - 400000, I will take down my file

I would recommend verify on, since my export is not official.

Here is a 4 months old reddit-link on the topic:


I downloaded this blockchain.raw September 2018, if update was pushed of new image, it could be bigger now.


I’m seeing current blockchain.raw from is over 13GB which should hold more than 323k blocks, its nice to see it updated.


Now the offical blockchain.raw has 390876! Much appreciated, the download speed was lightning fast. Thanks :smile:


Thanks, I’ll remove the download-link to my unofficial .raw
Everyone should use the official trusted source.

The ETN Team is also working on a new checksum feature to speed up import :+1: