Import From Offline Wallet


Hi folks!

Does anyone know when the “import from offline wallet” - feature will be available again?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



It is available

-press receive button
-press import etn from offline wallet
-follow instructions


a check balance would be a nice feature, not having to put in the private keys.


Unfortunately not for me…


ok, not much to do at the moment then


Is your app up to date?


This is not posable since you need the private key to see all incoming and outgoing transactions of a wallet. Nothing else will let you see it. When using the view key, you’ll only be able to see incoming transactions, no outgoing ones.


It is App version 2.6.2
This was the first thing I checked.
Maybe it has something to do with my android version (Android 8.0 running on Huawei P8 lite)


I just tried to logout and login.
This helped - maybe it is related to the device authorization. I left the app running for several weeks. Maybe the device authorization expired. Not sure…


Hmm that’s weird that it doesn’t work did you send an email to support maybe they can help you out further and know what the problem might be :thinking:

And look at this post where there was the same kind of problem the said you need to do atleast KYC level 1 to use it did you do it?


Lol good job @Hannes :yum:


:grin: Thx
Maybe someone from the app development team should take a look at this.

Problem was: Import from offline wallet was not working (see picture above)

Possible cause: the device authorization may have expired?

Solution was: login and logout to re-authorize the device

If my problem assumption is right then a proper solution would be:
Check time between last device authorization and now() and force to re-authorize the device before one enters the PIN