Impact to Launch Sequence 3... 2... 1


Being part of this community has been rewarding and enriching. I can not stay away. So many great threads and then some. Reading @m_kids posts alone I find myself laughing my ass off. My question to you all is how has Electroneum changed your thinking, life, etc in just the last couple of months. Are you more inspired? Excited? Nervous? etc! I find I am walking with a bigger bounce in my step, I am happier a lot more (already was really happy) and just ecstatic all around that we are all going to do very well by being involved in this coin. Comments thoughts?


I’m also walking with a bounce in my step thinking about all the possibilities. The only downside is that I’ve become addicted this forum.


yeah I hear you on that one. I actually have to walk away for a bit go and function in life for a while before I get pulled back into the forums lol. I think I have responded at record speed to so much stuff. Super exciting times! Cheers and have a great day!


I’m probably the opposite of a lot of people, have wobbled a bit just lately… whereas all through the long hot summer of FUD I was very happily and confidently filling my bags below 100 sats.

On other forums I’m seen as a rabid fanboy, but here I feel as if I’m almost a borderline fudder these days. The relentless positivity is making me a bit nervous maybe.


I’ll be honest I had a bounce in my step then it dawned on me what would happen if this went viral and I made a tonne of cash.

I’m worried
I’m worried if it fails
I’m worried if it makes it big

But I’m excited at the same time , can’t stop checking the price , the forums , reading comments , learning .

It’s great but scary like in a going on a new roller coaster ride for the first time but you can’t show it kinda vibe … lol


Yes, people a just a bit nervous because we are so close to the proper launch now, and hoping everything goes well.