I'm stuck on the way I need help


I don’t have travelling passport and they don’t take other documents what should I do then
@ETNCEO , kindly do something about it


Do you have another ID, like an ID card or a driver’s license? My passport wasn’t accepted as well and I chose the ID card.


this also happen to me… i cannot upload id coz i don’t have passport nor driver’s license but i have other id card i can use


can you try this one @Emmanuel


Yes I have a voter’s ID card it was rejected I have other forms of ID but not passport


Alright I will give it a try and see what’s up


please post here again if you are unsuccessful. team needs to know if people from certain countries are not able to do the KYC verification, so they can take action.


I thought we could use a state ID here in the U.S. but Yoti does not accept that. A state ID should be easily acceptable, it’d be incredibly simple for Yoti to add. I hope Richard and the team puts another section to upload documents in the wallet profile.


Yoti shared my details with etn team since 14 october and still nothing from etn about my level 2 kyc. when ever i checked in to my profile on etn dot com it doesnt show anything on my tier 2 kyc. i contacted Yoti they said that i have to contact etn team. pls why doest it taking too long to get my level 2 approved?


Have you provide a proof ?


Proof of what and to where am I suppose to forward the proof?


Web wallet and any official document bearing you name


They didn’t asked of that on my web wallet. What I saw was procedure of how to proceed my tier 2 using Yoti App which I did since 14 October and yoti shared my details with etn, see the attached.


Then kindly raise a support ticket.