I'm putting my ETN into an exchange wallet


I’m putting my coins into an exchange wallet until the KYC dust settles anyone doing the same?


Yes I trade daily on Cryptopia and use ETN paper wallets so most of my ETN is actively in different trading status. KYC is a good thing and shouldn’t wig people out.


lol you re trolling right, why the panic? Nobody is going to rob you, there will be solutions :+1:
Would you rather trust a no-name exchange with your billions of etn?


Haha @RSKNOR that picture :yum: So True but Yeah i keep Some ln Exchange also but i wonder what to do also with the rest of the etn i own :thinking:


I keep a small portion of my etn in my web-wallet (mainly for testing purposes of the beta version of iOS app)

Most of them are in multiple laminated paper-wallets, etn bought the past month are still on my harddisk CLI-wallet. Just a few is still on exchange.

I once had a verified Mt.Gox account, so glad i never transferred any btc or ltc to it… (very hard to resist during the Midas Engine Hype)


Would it not be better to use the offline wallets or do you have to use the app to import those? I think its fairly sensible to not have it all in one place unless you mean move it all to an exchange which personally I would not recommend doing.


Paper wallet can be imported to cli. Cli wallet itself can restored, but mobile app can not be imported to anything.


Why is it when people get scared they sometimes do what is quite literally the dumbest thing they can do? I’m not trying to troll you @CRYPTO-CAVEMAN but I can’t tell if this is a troll post?

If you don’t plan to trade and have no idea about the paper wallet, then I would NOT do that. ETN is on the verge of a breakout, so I’m not sure why you would risk trading positions right now, so I can only assume you are being serious. If you are being serious, then let’s keep calm. There will be solutions. Let’s not take any drastic measures over self inflicted unnecessary fear.