I'm I the highest member to be visiting this Platform everyday?


Please can someone break my record, and remember I am blind!!!
84 days visited, 2d read time, 1 darecent read time, 1.1 k topics viewes, 3.6k post read, 168 likes given… BEAT that :slight_smile: Just an awesome place to read, so just joking about bragging!! It is awesome to be part of this journey, I am posting this this just to show that people with disabilities can be part of this beutiful project!!


Awwww so beautiful okay, I mean don’t worry about disability your a handsome soul in fact you won this time around


Well said @Tika we are all the same here , all for here for etn…

And have made some good friends along the way


You beat me. @B.F.A is way up there too somewhere!


Totally different thread to what I thought the title suggested, highest member - I came in here to see what you might be smoking.


There could be a little bit of a language barrier there.
@Emmanuel may not understand your reply.
If I was to say “pagal” , I would strongly doubt either of you would.?


Suggest, what should the title be?


I have no issue with your title.
@Jo_Boo queried it above.


OMG sense of humour failure alert…

I understand what your title is trying to say mate although “I have the most visits…” is probably more clear.

To be the highest member could mean high on drugs, although if English isn’t your first language that might have gone over your head alright.


Okay I got u now,so what u want it to be will modified it.


No I’m not suggesting you change anything. :flushed:


I need much more love though…


Here you go heres two for you.
(Youll have to wait three minutes)