I'm facing some problems concerning etn address


I try sending etn to my giveaways winners but then two addresses are not going through I
Was told this

But I copied everything correctly


Check whether there is a space inbetween the characters.


Okay I will check it and see


As Ridz said… that is nearly always caused when copying and spaces (or strange characters) have been left in the address.

I would recommend pasting it into a text file first and checking it.


Okay but one is 98 in length and one 96 but all are not going

What’sthe correct length


Could it be they don’t complete kyc tier 1?


There might be “new line codes” which might be invisible? Or it’s not a public address but a spend address?
If by not completing KYC 1 gives you that problem I would like to know too! Please share if you figured it out!


Yeah copy to text or notepad first look for spaces