I'm curious to know


Pls how much electroneum will you mine/get using Asic miner for 48 hours,
Any answer?


You trying to work out M-kid’s prize :wink:

Well based on M-kid own comment as per post ASIC miners point of view

It would be about 1000ETN


This will depend on the power of the asic.
I am running 3 antminer x3 overclocked a bit to 299kh
At current hash rate I am getting around 2k a day on the antminers. There has been a big drop in hash rate this week. Last week I was lucky to get 900 a day.
Correct me if I am wrong, the Mkid prize is to use a baikal n40 for 48 hours? If so I can deduce that you would likely get around 100-200 etn depending on luck and current network hashrate. Of course you could go higher or lower but this is about the range I would expect.


Wow perfect guess, well I happened to be the second redraw winner


Huge congrats. I saw you on the competition feed.


Thanks you’ll hear from me when i received it lol


Congrats. If you need any help setting it up, ping me here. I have no doubt Mkid will help ya though.