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Hello, I acted from two different phones. The information of the two accounts is the same for two different people.

Hi there @user2435 welcome to the community …

The terms and conditions state…

20. ETN Rewards

20.1. The App provides access to ETN Rewards through which ETN may be periodically added to your pending balance whilst the App remains running on your mobile phone and connected to https://electroneum.com. This includes ETN Rewards or any other similar activity as prescribed by us from time to time (”ETN Rewards”).

20.2. You must:

20.2.1. only use ETN Rewards on mobile phones and not on any other device;

20.2.2. only use ETN Rewards on one mobile phone per Online Wallet which you hold with us (and we only permit one Online Wallet per individual user);

20.2.3. not emulate ETN Rewards on any device regardless of whether physical or virtual;

20.2.4. not adapt, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or modify ETN Rewards; and

20.2.5. only use ETN Rewards for lawful purposes

So one user one account or wallet. But some one in your family over the age of 14 can have it as long as they have i.d etc.


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